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Eddy Cooper

Jane Allen (7906)

Jane graduated from the College of Osteopaths having seen the benefits of osteopathic treatment first hand. After a career spent working in the civil service she also realised that she wanted to do something more directly to help people who were struggling with everyday life.
Her approach is holistic, using a variety of techniques to ensure the right treatment for each individual patient. Some people like a very structural treatment and others need a more gentle, nurturing approach.

Jane has also trained in Kinesio-taping, Western Medical Acupuncture (dry needling) and The Perrin Technique for ME

Jane works in the Kelvedon Clinic

Eddy Cooper (9660)

Eddy is a graduate of the London School of Osteopathy having become interested in osteopathy after receiving osteopathic treatment himself for a number of injuries. Having benefited from treatment he decided that retraining in the field was the best way to promote the ideals of osteopathy to the wider community.d
Keen and empathic, Eddy takes an all-round approach to health and well being. This holistic patient-centred style involves a comprehensive individual assessment, taking into consideration lifestyle factors, daily stress and the working environment.

Eddy works in the Chelmsford Clinic

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