Opening Hours


Wednesday: 0900-1900
Thursday: 0900-1900
Saturday: 0900-1300


Monday: 0900-1900
Friday: 1400-1900

Professional Fees


Initial Consultation (approx. 1 hour)  £50
Follow-up (approx 30-40mins)          £39


Use the links below which will take you to our simple online booking service. 
(If the time you want isn't available please call or text to check)

Alternatively call direct on  07855  053518 

Osteopathic treatment by registered osteopaths is recognised by all leading health insurance companies. You don't need a referral from your GP for osteopathic treatment but if you plan to claim for your treatment from your private health insurance provider please check with them before making an appointment to make sure that your treatment costs will be covered and that you don't require a referral from your GP. 

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